Annual Meeting 2022 Registration:

June 13, 2022  (Monday)  |  Grand Hall L, Hyatt Regency Chicago   |   1:00 pm – 5:30 pm CT

Note: Members are responsible for compliance with the health and safety protocols of the AMA*. Requirements are subject to change in response to current health and safety advisories in effect in Chicago at the time of the meeting. ASMAC will do our best to keep members updated, but recommend that you check the AMA’s website prior to departure and attending the meeting. AMA Safe Meeting Guidelines | AMA HOD Registration (required)

Note: Litigation Center Open Meeting:  June 12, 2022 (Sunday)  |  Crystal Ballroom B/C, Hyatt Regency Chicago   |   2:30 pm  (NOT available via zoom)


ASMAC Annual Meeting Program:

Four Antitrust Cases Every Physician Should Understand (1:30 pm CT)

Henry Quillen, JD, MPA, Partner, Whatley Kallas

Henry Allen, JD, Senior Attorney, American Medical Association

Equity and Justice in Medicine: Strategic and Organizational Opportunities (2:30 pm CT)

Kimberly Ramseur, JD, Senior Policy Analyst, American Medical Association

The Evolving Role of the General Counsel in Medical Societies (3:45 pm CT)

Gene Ransom, JD, CEO, MedChi the Maryland Medical Society

Bethany Sherrer, JD, Director of Government Relations & General Counsel, Medical Association of Georgia

Jennifer Hanscom, CEO, Washington Medical Association

Greg Pepe, Partner, JD, Neubert Pepe & Monteith (Moderator)

* 2022 Health and Safety Protocols:

This meeting is hosted under the AMA Annual Meeting and all attendees are required to follow all AMA safe meeting requirements. AMA Requirements

Minimum requirements include:

  1. Vaccination:  Attendees must be up to date with respect to their COVID-19 vaccinations. “Up to date” if they have received all recommended doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible. Getting a second booster is not necessary to be considered up to date at this time. medical exemptions will be honored. No other exemptions will be allowed. Persons seeking a medical exemption must contact by May 15 for instructions.
  2. Antigen Testing:  Attendees must agree to COVID-19 rapid antigen tests upon arrival and a second test 72 hours after the first test, with a negative test result in order to continue participating in the meetings.
  3. Masks not required: As of this date, masks are not required, but the final decision on masking will be made by the Board closer to the meeting.
  4. Agree to Adhere to Requirements:  Attendees must agree to adhere to any additional requirements adopted by the Board of Trustees, the CDC, the city of Chicago or the state of Illinois in effect at the time of the meeting.